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"Those Were the Days" with a Bradsoft.com twist

I have been using FeedDemon for my RSS reader since it was in its early stages. Today in the FeedDemon Support Forum FeedDemon's developer Nick Bradbury noted that the alpha release came out in June of 2003. As involved with the application as I have been, it still does not seem like I have been using the product in all it's forms for over 3 years. And as anyone knows, 3 years in the tech sector is like 30 years in the real world. I was thinking about all this and wrote the following little ditty in rememberance of the 3-and-some-odd years FeedDemon has been around:

("Those Were the Days", a.k.a the "All in the Family" TV theme):

Boy, the way Dave Winer'd preen - "RSS - the next big thing!"
Dev's like us, we had it made. Those were the days.

And we had good feeds back then. Now there's splogs and ads and spam.
Mister, we could use a man like Robert Scoble again.

Didn't need dot Net to run. Delphi's still just fine my son.
Gee, our old code ran great. Those...were...the...daaaaaays!


As a note of explanation, FeedDemon was (and still is) developed with Delphi
And Robert Scoble's there mainly 'cause he's a well-known Net celeb who
a) Left a high-visibility job and b) has a name that scans to the tune :)

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